Demand Change in Beauty

Besides educating yourself and making a statement with your wallet you can be part of the movement demanding change in the beauty industry. How? Write companies, write government, write stores, support bills that demand change. Spread the word, make a statement.

Demand Transparency from Companies

We deserve to know where our product’s ingredients come from, at the very least the companies should know where their ingredients come from.  We shouldn’t have to question whether the ingredients have been treated with pesticides, or whether the companies even know if the ingredients are safe.  Brands should be able to share where their ingreidnets come from, down to the farms that they were grown at, or the lab that created them.  Not only that, but companies should stop listing their ingredients in a language only chemistry majors can understand.  They should write their ingredients lists in a language people can understand, or break them down into sections, Synthetic Chemicals, Plant Based Products, etc.  Something that any layperson can look at and know. OH! That’s what that is.

Demand Sustainable Ingredients

We are destroying the Earth with our vain search for the latest “big thing” to make us look younger or cover our dark spots.  We don’t have to destroy Earth to do that. Ask companies why they don’t use sustainable ingredients, tell them you can’t support their companies. Demand laws requiring sustainanble business practices. Don’t buy from non-sustainable brands.

Demands a Reassessment of Packaging

Besides requiring that packaging be recyclable, we should ask that companies get together to create some sort of definition for all the words they use.  One consistent set of iconography that anyone can pick up and see “this product is organic, so it’s pesticide free.” A streamlined set of regulations across the board would make it so much easier for consumers to understand what their products contain, and if they match their ideals.


Throughout this page you’ll see my design mockup of an eyeshadow palette for Conscious Beauty Eyeshadow, you can see the package below:

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