Should you Join the Movement?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should go eco with your beauty routine you’re not alone. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to pay more for beauty products that are labeled “Natural Ingredients” or products that are ecofriendly. There’s clearly some desire from consumers to make changes in the beauty industry, so should you be a part of the movement?   


Why Eco?

There are many reasons to choose ecofriendly beauty products, quite a few of which I cover more in depth on the following pages.  You amy want to go ecofriendly because you want to ensure you’re not aiding in rainforest deforestation; you may want to know that your packaging is actually recyclable, you may simply want to avoid chemicals and toxins in your beauty products.  Using products that are labeled “Certified Organic” guarantees your ingredients have never been treated with pesticides.  You may want to go eco because if the government won’t regulate your beauty products, you will.  With so many good reasons, with credible science it’s hard to see why someone wouldn’t want to change at least a few of their beauty routines and products.

It’s Not That Hard

I know the idea of going eco can seem daunting, but I promise it’s not that hard.  No one expects or wants you to dump out all the products you currently own that are not ecofriendly.  This is one, not ecofriendly (Hello giant pile of garbage!) and two, not necessary, use up your product.  Whether it’s in it’s original or a used form you’ve made the purchase, throwing it away will make the same impact that using the product will.  Enjoy your product, when it’s gone consider replacing it with a more ecofriendly option, or even one from a company that has refill or recycling programs.  Choose new products that are ecofriendly, buy from companies that have ethical and sustainable business practices.  At the very least, try to buy products that are cruelty-free.  These are small, simple changes that can be made, and can make a real impact on the planet.  Not to mention, when you choose more ecofriendly products you are usually choosing products with less harmful and synthetic chemicals so your skin will probably thank you!

Well, Should You?

I can bombard you with all the reasons why you should go eco, but I can’t make up your mind for you, in the end the choice is yours.  I can only inform you of what some of your beauty choices are doing to the planet.  In the end, you must decide the right course for you. Take a look around the site, see what you learn, maybe it will make the choice a bit easier for you.