**WARNING! This Post Contains Images of Animal Testing!! Proceed With Caution!!**

What Is Cruelty-Free Beauty?

Cruelty-Free beauty is defined as any beauty product or tool that has not been tested on animals.  *This does not mean it cannot contain animal ingredients. *

Why Should You Choose Cruelty-Free?

Why is cruelty-free the way to go? Well, animal testing, in short is cruel.  We use animal testing on a wide array of animals: mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and primates.  These animals are subjected to life in cages too small for them, with no enrichment and minimal socialization.  Over time they may develop neurotic habits from the stress of this life such as: pulling out their own fur, biting themselves, refusing to eat/drink, spinning in circles and pacing just to name a few.  After they’ve served their purpose for animal testing or once an ingredient has made them sick or injured them too much they are often killed. 

The tests the animals are subjected to for beauty products are very often painful and cruel.  Animals may be injected with ingredients, they may have ingredients rubbed on their skin or put in their eyes, sometimes they are forced to ingest ingredients to test their toxicity.  Animal testing is not required by law in all circumstances/usages and the cosmetics industry is one such industry NOT required to use animal testing.  There are many non-animal testing steps that could be taken instead (such as human testing). 

What Can You Do?

How can you tell if the product you are using is cruelty-free? Many companies use some sort of bunny icon on their packaging to indicate that they are cruelty free. If you see no indication on the packaging, most companies will let you know on their website.  Many companies including Too Faced, Tarte and Urban Decay are always cruelty free, no matter what product you use.

*Very important to note, vegan does not mean it is cruelty free, it can be free from non-animal ingredients and still tested on animals.

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