This page, like many things started as a small idea.  A very rough idea for a website that could be useful to myself and my friends.  It got it’s start as a class project for one of my Graphic Design classes; the goal of the project was to design for the relationship between humans and nature. From that project goal, (and many failed ideas) Conscious Beauty was born.  Designed to show people that they can be an active part of the solution to our environmental problems this site isn’t just for beauty lovers, anyone can get some really great information about the ingredients in their products and can show someone what impact they are having on the environment.  People can learn what they should be asking about the companies that supply their products and the ingredients they use.   Above all it’s designed to show people the impact that the beauty industry truly has on the environment and the small, simple choices they can make to produce a change.   Ingredients list themselves are scary and hard to understand, once you have a better grasp about what these ingredients are doing they get even scarier. 

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry, with little restrictions and oversight.  We have to put a lot of trust into these companies that they are doing the right things, the ethical things, and the environmentally friendly things.  We have to have faith that these companies are doing all the research into the safety of their ingredients and the impact these ingredients have on both us and the world.  When ingredients lists might as well be written in latin, and we see images of orangutans hanging onto bulldozers in Palm fields it gets really hard to trust these companies.  It’s then that we must be the driving force for change, we must become smart consumers.  We have to demand changes and regulations and we have to put our money where our mouths are.  Be the change you want to see, don’t buy from companies that don’t match your beliefs. 

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