I’m Caitlin, I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I live with my amazing fiancé Cody, who has been one of my biggest fans and strongest supporters (Thank you!) as well as our house full of pets.  No seriously, it’s full, we have two dogs, five cats and a rat.  I’m a fan of makeup, animals, and true crime podcasts.  I am pursuing my degree in Graphic Design at Milwaukee Area Technical College.  I spend the very little free time I have reading, writing and creating my own art.

On top of pursuing my graphic design degree I work with dogs as both a groomer and kennel manager.  I’m a photographer as well and my favorite subjects are nature and the animals that inhabit it.  I’ve always loved animals, and I’ve always felt close to animals in the world.  I love to travel and hike and be one with nature when I can.

I’m also a beauty junkie, I have an embarrassing amount of makeup in my home and I am never afraid to pick up some more. It wasn’t until my 30s that I started to really consider what goes into the products I use and what those products are doing to the environment.  It wasn’t until I started working on Conscious Beauty that I wanted to pile it all up and light it on fire because I felt I was singlehandedly a one-woman environmental crisis.  See how I dealt with that in “Don’t Beat Yourself Up”.

This website is dedicated to my favorite human Tabitha.   She’s currently sixteen and at the height of not giving a hoot.  She currently doesn’t care what’s in her beauty products.  It’s estimated that teens use on average of 14 products a day (I’m lucky if I can get one on my face everyday!) and most of them, like Tabitha, don’t care about the ingredients or the environmental impact.  Teens care about sparkles, and trends; beauty companies know this.  Someday they will care about what’s in their products and hopefully by that point sites like this will have exposed the truly ugly side of cosmetics and the beauty industry and forced changes.  Hopefully by then this site will be gone. But for now, it’s here for her, whenever she wants to know why that blush keeps giving her zits.

I also have an amazing group of close friends that have supported me through the long periods of silence that have come from me going back to school.  They don’t question the fact that it takes me two months to get back to text messages or they only hear from me during school breaks.  I love all of you guys.

Professor Sun. Thank You. You have been one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters throughout my schooling.  I would not have felt I could pull this off without your advice and cheerleading. Your excitement and pride kept me going all the times I wanted to give up!

If you’d like to see more of my design work please visit my portfolio at: www.mcneesedesign.com